Work Hard In Silence, Let Your Success Be Your Noise(Success Story One Of Our Study Regular Member)


One of our Study Regular member who cleared two written exam (IBPS RRB Scale-2 IT Officer and AICIL Exam 2017) and also scored 148 in SSC Scientific Assistant Exam 2017.Firstly Congratulation to him and All the Best For Interview.


My limitations.. I suffer from a chronic illness…I haven’t did any mock tests for quant or reasoning. Couldn’t practice aptitude. My goal was to attempt English, Computer Awareness, Financial Awareness and Professional Knowledge with good accuracy. I didn’t had speed because of lack of practice so I chosed accuracy over my average speed.

Sources for Professional Knowledge Subjects:
(1)DMBS – Korth 6th Edition
No need to read whole book. Study important chapters. For ex I skipped Chapter 9 (Application Design and Development). Atleast read chapters on DBMS basics, SQL, ERD, Normalization, Data Storage, Transaction Management. There’s a Case Study on Oracle (Part 9. Chapter 28 Oracle). Read that too
(2)DBMS – Raghu Ram Krishnan 3rd Edition
Read it for SQL
(3)Computer Networks – Data Communications and Networking 5th Edition by Forouzan
I had enough time to read the whole book. But 1st layer – Physical Layer topic is very lengthy. You may skip chapters in Physical Layer as not all chapters are of use.
(4)Software Engineering (SE) – Pressman 7 th Edition.
No need to read whole book. Read important topics like SE basics, Software process model, Software Testing ,Agile Development ( IBPS started asking questions on Agile Methodology like questions on Scrum Master, Product owner, Stand up meeting etc. ) ,UML.
(5)Data Mining – Concepts and Techniques 3rd Edition by Micheline Kamber
Atleast read the basics. Read the beginning chapters. 1st 4 or 5 chapters from the book. It contains chapter on Data warehousing too.
(6)Data Structure – “Data Structures using C by Reema Thareja”. Read little bit from it. I still have my DS notes from a coaching centre. Make sure your concepts are clear…Know the basics of different sorting techniques, linked list etc.
(7)Operating System – Galvin 9th Edition.
(8) Computer System Architecture – Morris Mano
(9)Algorithm – by Udi Manber . Pick any nice book you like.
(10)Cloud Computing – Tutorialspoint
(11)Compiler Design, Automata – Tutorialspoint
(12)Network Security – “Network Security 4th Edition by William Stallings”. Nice and short book. Enough to clear basics if you have any doubts on any topic.
(13)Web Designing – or any nice tutorial.
I have read the book “Web Programming – Building Internet Applications 2nd Edition by Chris Bates” too.
(14)UNIX – The Ultimate Guide 3rd Edition by Sumitabha Das. Very nice book to clear basics on UNIX, its commands etc.

(15) C,C++,Java,PHP,HTML,JavaScript,ASP.NET etc from tutorialspoint. One can refer a standard book to clear basics . IBPS is asking questions on C++,basic questions on OOPS. Be clear with your basics.
As we don’t have enough time to read whole book on each language, better go for tutorials. I have read the tutorials downloaded from . Uploaded them in Google Drive folder and sharing. Please find the Drive link below.
(16)” CISSP – 7th Edition by James Michael Stewart ” – read only BCP and DRP .
(17)Study Regular ebook for revision
(18)MCQs from, studyregular MCQs PDF, Answers might be wrong sometime in MCQs given in website. Please be careful. Think whenever you read questions.

Sources for English
(1)Wren and Martin for Grammar and Descriptive Writing . Make sure you read Book II Part II Correct Usage in Wren and Martin book. Book II Part IV has chapters on Essay, Precis and Letter Writing.
(2)Objective General English by S P Bakshi – for vocabulary like Antonyms, Synonyms etc.
(3)Any newspaper – I read “The Hindi”. Reading newspaper will help in Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Cloze test, Fillers, Parajumbles, essay writing, precis writing etc.
Read Editorials so that you can understand how to write an essay, increase the ability to understand passages.
Read Economy section too if possible. (AICIL precis writing was based on RBI Monetary policy.)

Sources for Quant
(1)Quicker Maths – Tyra
(2)Amar Sir – youtube channel for Quant especially for DI,Series

Sources for Reasoning
(1)Study Smart especially his puzzles, inequality (very nicely explained) etc.
(2)Competitive Reasoning book by Kiran Prakashan
(3)Previous questions asked by IBPS from Study Smart explanation videos

Sources for Financial Awareness (IBPS RRB Scale 2 IT Officer)
They asked questions on theoretical rather than on Current Affairs this time in 2017.
Current Affairs
(1)The Hindu Review of Bankers Adda (must). I copied whatever I needed for RRB Scale 2 like RBI, Banking news etc.
(2)Gradeup , Affairscloud, India bix quizzes.
(1)Mrunal videos on Indian Economy, Banking basics
(2)Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Sources for Computer Awareness

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