10 MCQ For IBPS IT Officer Exam 2017

1)A mathematical-model with a collection of operations defined on that model is called a)Data Structure b)Abstract Data Type c)Cardinality d)Assignment e)None of these 2)Express -15 as a 6-bit signed binary number. a)001111 b)101111 c)001101 d)101011... Read more

Operating System MCQ-1

1)An unsafe state implies a)the existence of deadlock b)that deadlock will eventually occur c)that some unfortunate sequence of events might lead to deadlock d)None of the above 2)Operating systems can divide main memory into portions... Read more

IT Officer Quiz with Answers Explanation-1

1)Bipolar RAM usually makes use of a)DTL circuit b)RTL high speed circuit c)TTL high speed circuit d)All of these 2)Parsing technique that avoids backtracking is a)top-down parsing b)recursive-descent parsing c)predictive parsing d)both (2) and (3)... Read more