10 MCQ For IBPS IT Officer Exam 2017

1)The intersection operator is used to get the _____ tuples. a)Different b)Common c)Repeating d)All e)None of these 2)C++ was originally developed by; a)Clocksin and Mellish b)Donald E. Knuth c)Sir Richard Hadlee d)Bjame Storustrup e)None of... Read more

10 MCQ For IBPS IT Officer Exam 2017

1)Efficiency in a software product does not include ________ a)Functional b)Licensing c)Refinement d)Processing time e)None of these 2)Checking quality of software in both simulated and live environments is known as a)Validation b)Validity c)Data design d)Random... Read more

10 MCQ For IBPS IT Officer Exam 2017

1)Using which language can a user request information from a database? a)Query b)Interpreter c)Compiler d)Procedures e)None of these 2)The graph that shows basic blocks and their successor relationship is called a)Integer b)Encoder c)Decoder d)Flow graph... Read more

Web Technology MCQ-1

1)What is the return type of servlet Request get Request Dispatcher a)String b)Object c)Request Dispatcher d)None of these 2)Spammers frequently install a)Reverse Proxy b)Trans Proxy c)Open Proxy d)HTTP Proxy 3)”GET” and “POST” belongs to ACTION... Read more

IT Officer Quiz with Answers Explanation-1

1)Bipolar RAM usually makes use of a)DTL circuit b)RTL high speed circuit c)TTL high speed circuit d)All of these 2)Parsing technique that avoids backtracking is a)top-down parsing b)recursive-descent parsing c)predictive parsing d)both (2) and (3)... Read more