Banking Awareness MCQ-5

1)The Deputy Governor in charge of banking regulation and supervision, is nominated as the ________of the (BFS) board: a) Head b) Vice-Chairman c) President d) None of These 2)The main function of NABARD is to... Read more

Dams and Reservoirs in India

Name of Dam    State       River Nizam Sagar Dam Telangana Manjira River Somasila Dam Andhra Pradesh Pennar River Srisailam Dam Andhra Pradesh Krishna River Singur dam Telangana Manjira River Ukai Dam Gujarat Tapti River... Read more

Important International Food Festival

1)Melbourne Food & Wine Festival – Melbourne, Australia 2)Pancake Festival– Moscow, Russia 3)International Mango Festival – New Delhi, India 4)Maine Lobster Festival – Rockland USA 5)San Francisco Street Food Festival – San Francisco, USA 6)Mistura... Read more