10 Important MCQ on Error Correction For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC 2018

Which of phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark ‘E’ as the answer.

1. The small child does whatever his father was done.
A. has done
B. did
C. does
D. had done
E. No correction required

2. You need not come unless you want to.
A. You don’t need to come unless you want to
B. You come only when you want to
C. You come unless you don’t want to
D. You needn’t come until you don’t want to
E. No correction required

3. There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names only
A. initials
B. signatures
C. pictures
D. middle names
E. No correction required

4. The man to who I sold my house was a cheat.
A. to whom I sell
B. to who I sell
C. who was sold to
D. to whom I sold
E. No correction required

5. They were all shocked at his failure in the competition.
A. were shocked at all
B. had all shocked at
C. had all shocked by
D. had been all shocked on
E. No correction required

6. I need not offer any explanation regarding this incident – my behaviour is speaking itself.
A. will speak to itself
B. speaks for itself
C. has been speaking
D. speaks about itself
E. No correction required

7. He is too important for tolerating any delay.
A. to tolerate
B. to tolerating
C. at tolerating
D. with tolerating
E. No correction required

8. The population of Tokyo is greater than that of any other town in the world.
A. greatest among any other
B. greater than all other
C. greater than those of any other
D. greater than any other
E. No correction required

9. The performance of our players was rather worst than I had expected.
A. bad as I had expected
B. worse than I had expected
C. worse than expectation
D. worst than was expected
E. No correction required

10. Why did you not threw the bag away?
A. did you not throw
B. had you not threw
C. did you not thrown
D. you did not thrown
E. No correction required

10 Important MCQ on CLOZE TEST For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC 2018

Directions (1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
Elite concerns are usually disconnected from the ground reality. For the 1 percent of Indian who live privileged, cocooned lives, the judicial right to privacy __(1)___ by the Supreme Court yesterday will add yet another layer with which they can insulate themselves ___(2)____ the “barbarians at the gate”.
So, here is __(3)___ the rich will benefit. First, they may now be able to refuse medical ___(4)____ and die in their beds, peacefully, instead of being compulsorily ____(5)____ up to tiresome, life-saving machines in hospitals. But try explaining this “right” to the millions of poor Indians for ___(6)___ just getting ___(7)____ to hospitals is still a dream and refusing treatment would be unimaginable.
Second, the well-heeled may now be able to press for ____(8)____ judicially forgotten – all traces of their past lives and identities expunged, giving them a fresh ___(9)____ without having to flee to distant London or arid Dubai. Contrast this with the Herculean efforts the average Indian makes to become part of a database and have an officially _____(10)_____ identity – a voter card, a passport, a PAN card, anything which ____(11)____ that she exists.
Third, those with alternative lifestyles – the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community might now hope to be free of the notoriously archaic Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes everything other than straight sex. But would this give them the ___(12)____ to marry a partner of their choice; adopt children or be socially accepted?
Now ponder the downsides. Law enforcement agencies struggle to manage terrorism, Naxalism, urban mafiosi, drug pushers and armed rural gangsters even today. “Privacy” concerns will provide a legal __(13)____ to undermine information collection, detection and investigation. Nothing less than the over-the-top, draconian Armed Forces (Special Provisions) Act – used today only in the “disturbed” areas in Kashmir and parts of the North East – would be effective. Since gangsters can ___(14)____ to hire the best lawyers, the violation of their fundamental right to privacy in the process of enforcing the law, will now become a favourite ploy to keep these worthies free to wreak __(15)____.

(a) grant
(b) gave
(c) shower
(d) created
(e) narrated

(a) from
(b) away
(c) differ
(d) narrow
(e) distance

(a) why
(b) how
(c) whose
(d) the
(e) what

(a) aiding
(b) helped
(c) back
(d) treatment
(e) manage

(a) depend
(b) hooked
(c) try
(d) trial
(e) engagement

(a) which
(b) they
(c) what
(d) whom
(e) how

(a) admission
(b) reliability
(c) into
(d) enter
(e) admitted

(a) do
(b) perform
(c) being
(d) having
(e) its

(a) start
(b) innovate
(c) remark
(d) job
(e) initiate

(a) encourage
(b) distinguish
(c) variable
(d) recognized
(e) known

10 Important MCQ on Fill In The Blanks For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC Railway Exam 2018

Directions (1-10): Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentence/ sentences meaningfully complete.
Q1. Many people take spirituality very seriously and ________ about those who do not worrying about them and________ them to believe.
(a) think, criticizing
(b) pride, appraising
(c) rationalize, enabling
(d) wonder, prodding
(e) saturate, enveloped

Q2. Unless new reserves are found soon, the world’s supply of coal is being _________ in such a way that with demand continuing to grow at present rates reserves will be _________ by the year 2050.
(a) consumed, completed
(b) depleted, exhausted
(c) reduced, argument
(d) burnt, destroyed
(e) abrupt, hope

Q3. If you are a _______ you tend to respond to stressful situations, in a calm secure, steady and _________ way.
(a) resilient, rational
(b) obdurate, manageable
(c) propitious, stable
(d) delectable, flexible
(e) think, criticizing

Q4. Management can be defined as the process of _______ organizational goals and non-human resources to ________ Improve value added to the world.
(a) getting, deliberately
(b) managing, purposefully
(c) targeting, critically
(d) reaching, continuously
(e) pride, appraising

Q5. If you are an introvert, you ________ to prefer working alone and, if possible, will _____ towards projects where you can work by yourself or with as few people as possible.
(a) like, depart
(b) advocate, move
(c) tend, gravitate
(d) express, attract
(e) dilemma, plagued

Q6. The _________ playing of loud music has led the angry residents of this vicinity to file a police complaint and move court against the organiser’s lack __________ of for the people’s need for a peaceful neighbourhood.
(a) peaceful, thought
(b) abrupt, hope
(c) incessant, consideration
(d) fashionable, friendliness
(e) synthesized, efficiency

Q7. The _________ of the chronic balance of payments deficit which has ___________ the Finance Ministry under three Prime Ministers is very real.
(a) temptation, reviled
(b) understanding, menaced
(c) impact, underestimated
(d) dilemma, plagued
(e) targeting, critically

Q8. Britain for the present, is deeply ________ in economic troubles, and the economic future, heavily ______looks uncertain.
(a) engrossed, responsive
(b) ingrained, skeptical
(c) saturate, enveloped
(d) mired, mortgaged
(e) long, enthusiastic

Q9. Our Constitution was based on the belief that the free________ of ideas people and cultures is essential to the _____ of a democratic society.
(a) selection, concurrence
(b) interchange, preservation
(c) reversal, upholding
(d) dissemination, congruence
(e) think, criticizing

Q10. As this country has become more ______ industrial and internationalized, it Western democracies in the—–of the executive.
(a) urbanized, role
(b) objective, wealth
(c) synthesized, efficiency
(d) civilized, convenience
(e) loud, argument

10 Important MCQ on READING COMPREHENSION BASED ON BUDGET For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC Railway Exam 2018

Directions (1-10): In the given passage, answer the following questions according to the idea expressed in the passage.
Promotion of a digital economy is an integral part of Government’s strategy to clean the system and weed out corruption and black money. It has a transformative impact in terms of greater formalisation of the economy and mainstreaming of financial savings into the banking system. This, in turn, is expected to energise private investment in the country through lower cost of credit. India is now on the cusp of a massive digital revolution.
A shift to digital payments has huge benefits for the common man. The earlier initiative of our Government to promote financial inclusion and the JAM trinity were important precursors to our current push for digital transactions. Already there is evidence of increased digital transactions. The BHIM app has been launched. It will unleash the power of mobile phones for digital payments and financial inclusion. 125 lakh people have adopted the BHIM app so far. The Government will launch two new schemes to promote the usage of BHIM; these are, Referral Bonus Scheme for individuals and a Cashback Scheme for merchants.
Aadhar Pay, a merchant version of Aadhar Enabled Payment System, will be launched shortly. This will be specifically beneficial for those who do not have debit cards, mobile wallets and mobile phones. A Mission will be set up with a target of 2,500 crore digital transactions for 2017-18 through UPI, USSD, Aadhar Pay, IMPS and debit cards. Banks have targeted to introduce additional 10 lakh new PoS terminals by March 2017. They will be encouraged to introduce 20 lakh Aadhar based PoS by September 2017. Increased digital transactions will enable small and micro enterprises to access formal credit. Government will encourage SIDBI to refinance credit institutions which provide unsecured loans, at reasonable interest rates, to borrowers based on their transaction history.
The digital payment infrastructure and grievance handling mechanisms shall be strengthened. The focus would be on rural and semi urban areas through Post Offices, Fair Price Shops and Banking Correspondents. Steps would be taken to promote and possibly mandate petrol pumps, fertilizer depots, municipalities, Block offices, road transport offices, universities, colleges, hospitals and other institutions to have facilities for digital payments, including BHIM App. A proposal to mandate all Government receipts through digital means, beyond a prescribed limit, is under consideration. Government will strengthen the Financial Inclusion Fund to augment resources for taking up these initiatives. Government will consider and work with various stakeholders for early implementation of the interim recommendations of the Committee of Chief Ministers on digital transactions.
The Committee on Digital Payments constituted by Department of Economic Affairs has recommended structural reforms in the payment eco system, including amendments to the Payment and Settlement Systems Act,2007. Government will undertake a comprehensive review of this Act and bring about appropriate amendments. To begin with, it is proposed to create a Payments Regulatory Board in the Reserve Bank of India by replacing the existing Board for Regulation and Supervision of Payment and Settlement Systems. Necessary amendments are proposed to this effect in the Finance Bill 2017. As we move faster on the path of digital transactions and cheque payments, we need to ensure that the payees of dishonoured cheques are able to realise the payments. Government is therefore considering the option of amending the Negotiable Instruments Act suitably.

Q1. What is the aim of digital economy according to this passage?
(a) to earn money in digits
(b) to energise private investment in the country through lower cost of credit.
(c) an economy where people borrow from government.
(d) a system that checks hawala money.
(e) None of the above

Q2. How many additional new PoS terminals will be introduced by Banks till March 2017.
(a) 20 lakh
(b) 5 lakh
(c) 15 lakh
(d) 10 lakh
(e) None of the above

Q3. What is the name of the App that has provided increased digital transactions?
(c) UPI
(d) BHIM
(e) None of the above

Q4. How many people have adopted the BHIM app so far?
(a) 125 lakh
(b) 125 crore
(c) 125 million
(d) 15 lakh
(e) None of the above

Q5. Which of the following is inappropriate statement according to the given Passage?
(a) Aadhar Pay, a merchant version of Aadhar Enabled Payment System, will be launched shortly
(b) Digital Economy will help to weed out the corruption from the system
(c) Government is considering the option of amending the Negotiable Instruments Act suitably.
(d) The Increased digital transactions will disable small and micro enterprises to access formal credit.
(e) None of the above

Q6. What will be the appropriate Title for the given passage?
(a) Digital Money
(b) Online Transactions
(c) Digital Economy
(d) Economical Survey
(e) None of the above

Q7. Name the Scheme to be launched shortly by the government which will be beneficial for those who do not have debit cards, mobile wallets and mobile phones
(a) UPI
(b) Aadhar Pay
(c) Jan Dhan Yojna
(d) BHIM
(e) None of the above

Q8. What are the two new schemes to be launched by The Government to promote the usage of BHIM?
(a) unlimited free transactions for pregnant women and cashback for merchants
(b) cashback for senior citizens and free download for kids
(c) Referral Bonus Scheme for individuals and a Cashback Scheme for merchants.
(d) Referral Bonus Scheme for merchants and a Cashback Scheme for individuals.
(e) None of the above

Q9. What is the meaning of the phrase ‘Weed out’ as used in the given passage?
(a) to eliminate anything unwanted
(b) To smoke weed
(c) to reprimand
(d) to demolish
(e) None of the above

Q10. What is the name of the board that will replace Regulation and Supervision of Payment and Settlement Systems in the Reserve Bank of India?
(a) a Supervisory board
(b) a demonization board
(c) a Payments Regulatory Board
(d) an online payment board
(e) None of the above

10 Important MCQ on ENGLISH CLOZE TEST For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC Railway Exam 2018

Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. For each blank five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
The World Health Organisation has confirmed that the Olympic Games …(1)… to be held in August …(2)… Rio de Janeiro will go ahead, the Zika virus …(3)… . An Emergency Committee meeting …(4)… by the WHO Director-General said there is “very low risk” of the virus spreading globally as a consequence of the Games being …(5)… in Brazil. The local mosquito population level is expected to …(6)… sharply in August, the Brazilian mid-winter, and the annual infection rate is expected to peak before that. Intensive vector-control measures at and around the venue will reduce …(7)… risks. It is possible that a few individuals …(8)… get infected and contribute to a global spread and start …(9)… a new chain of local transmission. But the risk will be the same as in any country where the local transmission of the Zika virus is …(10)… ; it does not get amplified even when thousands come together, as the committee has noted.
(a) scheduled
(b) plan
(c) scheme
(d) organised

(a) therewith
(d) in
(e) on

(a) along with
(b) notwithstanding
(c) withstanding
(d) henceforth
(e) herewith

(a) convened
(b) call
(c) had
(d) there
(e) out

(a) play
(b) apprehended
(c) happen
(d) hold
(e) held

(a) go
(b) drop
(c) fell
(d) happen
(e) lean

(a) suspension
(b) suspicion
(c) transmission
(d) transportation

(a) may
(b) might
(c) ought to
(d) will not
(e) hence

(a) of
(b) off
(c) on
(d) at
(e) among

(a) progress
(b) coming
(c) going
(d) ongoing
(e) showing

10 Important MCQ on ENGLISH Reading Comprehension For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC Railway Exam 2018

The government has no business to be in the business of owning airports, running hotels, making bread — and owning banks. When the government stepped into these sectors in the first flush of Independence, it was with a view to creating basic capacities. With the passage of time, it became clear that overwhelming government presence was doing no good to anyone. Today, the benefits of the government stepping back in sectors like telecom and aviation are evident. Till as recently as the early 90s, a landline was a status symbol because it was accessible to just 2 per cent of the population. Today, the mobile phone is a ubiquitous feature of rural and urban India. Indian Airlines and Air-India had reduced air travel to a privilege; with competition, rates have fallen to a third of levels that obtained a decade ago, despite little change in input costs. The time is ripe for the government to ease itself out of banking as well.
The recent strike by State Bank of India employees will result in higher pension outgo in the entire banking sector. This will further consolidate the organised labour aristocracy and its tendency to act as a law unto itself. Bank nationalisation was seen as a necessity in 1969, in order to direct credit to Green Revolution areas. Today, that system has outlived its utility, as agriculture is a transformed occupation with new risks and opportunities. Green Revolution is in the grip of diminishing returns, and prosperous farmers of yesteryears are fast moving out of agriculture. Small farmers all over the country are in distress, as rural banks lend to moneylenders instead of dealing directly with them. New forms of production based on contract farming do not really need the sarkari banking network.
Private players have made lending more competitive and customer-friendly. A small-scale entrepreneur need not suffer for lack of working capital, nor does he have to bow and scrape before a bank manager. Credit is readily available to business, in varying packages to suit different needs. It is not hard to visualise a replication of this situation in rural areas. With a number of players in rural credit, entrepreneurs who come forward with proposals for food processing and cold storage would benefit. Farmers seeking to add value to their produce will encounter fewer hindrances in a competitive situation. A spirit of enterprise in rural banking can transform rural India. Gramin banking, or microcredit, has worked wonders in Bangladesh. Given the chance, it could do the same here.

1.That the mobile phone is a ubiquitous feature of rural and urban India today shows that
1) people have no interest in landline phone these days.
2) telephone is easily available everywhere now.
3) technology can invade all the barriers.
4) telephone has become affordable for all now.
5) mobile phone has taken the place of landline phone everywhere.

2.Which of the following seems to be false in the context of the passage?
1) Agriculture sector has witnessed much change over the years.
2) Green Revolution has lost its charm with the farmers.
3) The government is facing competition in telecom, aviation, banking etc.
4) Agriculture is no more a lucrative area for the wealthy farmers now.
5) None of these

3.Which of the following is ‘true’ in the context of the passage?
1) Getting loans from private banks is easier than the nationalised banks.
2) Credit through banks is readily available for even small farmers these days.
3) Landline phone is considered a status symbol.
4) Gramin Banking has failed in India.
5) None of these

4.What message does the author want to convey to the government through this passage?
1) Govt should compete with private players in telecom, aviation, banking etc.
2) Govt should withdraw from telecom, aviations banking etc.
3) Govt should allow private players in all the areas of business.
4) Govt should provide credit to the farmers on simpler terms.
5) None of these

Directions (Q. 5-7): Choose the word which is the same in meaning as the word given in bold as used in the passage.

1) large
2) majority
3) feasible
4) vigilant
5) viable

1) convincing
2) deliberate
3) targeted
4) approachable
5) distributed

1) unique
2) modern
3) omnipresent
4) enormous
5) stylish

Directions (Q. 8-10): Choose the word which is the opposite in meaning of the word given in bold as used in the passage.

1) lengthy
2) inappropriate
3) rare
4) hard
5) umpteen

1) deviate
2) strike
3) drag
4) weaken
5) instigate

1) deliberately
2) strictly
3) strangely
4) supposedly
5) hardly

10 Important MCQ on PHRASE REPLACEMENT (Part-2) For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC Railway Exam 2018


1. There was a war on, so some kids were only sixteen when they join up.
A) joins in
B) joined up.
C) joined off
D) join off
E) No Correction Required

2. I read the paper every day to keep into with the news.
A) for keeping of
B) to keep for
C) to keep up
D) for keeping into
E) No Correction Required

3.I feel so let down because they promised me a puppy but all I got was a doll.
A) let by
B) letting off
C) lets off
D) letting by
E) No Correction Required

4.If you don’t want to take part in the game you can look by for now.
A) be looking at
B) look from
C) looking on
D) look on for
E) No Correction Required

5.I’m looking forward at my birthday. It’s in two days time.
A) looked forward from
B) looking forward to
C) looked at
D) looking from
E) No Correction Required

6.I always looked up to my father. He was a great man.
A) looks up to
B) look into
C) looked since
D) looks from
E) No Correction Required

7.It’s not nice for making fun of people in wheelchairs.
A) to making fun of
B) to make fun for
C) to make fun of
D) for making fun to
E) No Correction Required

8.She had so many cats that she kept mix up their names.
A) mixing up
B) mixed up
C) mixing into
D) mix for
E) No Correction Required

9.You were so tired after the game that you nod off on the couch.
A) nodded of
B) nodded into
C) nod on
D) nodded off
E) No Correction Required

10.He didn’t drink enough water so he pass out at the end of the race.
A) pass into
B) pass for
C) passed out
D) passed into
E) No Correction Required

10 Important MCQ on PHRASE REPLACEMENT (Part-1) For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC Railway Exam 2018

(1-10)A sentence or a part of the sentence is underlined. Four alternatives are given as
substitutions for the highlighted part, one of which will improve the sentence. Choose the correct
alternative. In case no improvement is needed, choose the option ‘No improvement is required’
1) Over 200 shops were gutted in a major fire that broke out at Golebazar in Sambalpur in the
early hours of Tuesday.
a) Broke in
b) Broke with
c) Broke around
d) Broke on
e) No improvement is required

2) Pushed away from the National Highways follow the Supreme Court order, retail liquor
outlets are moving closer to the villages in Odisha.
a) Following
b) Follows
c) Followed
d) Had followed
e) No improvement is required

3) The Rajasthan government passed order recently to convert a portion of their State Highway
roads passing through populous areas into urban and district roads.
a) passed a
b) passed an
c) pass the
d) pass an
e) No improvement is required

4) Care has been take to ensure maximum boot space by ditching the traditional gooseneck
hinges for boot opening and opting for a costlier multi-hinge and damper arrangement.
a) has been taking
b) has taken
c) Has took
d) has been taken
e) No improvement is required

5) The row between India and China on the visit of the Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh spiral
on Wednesday.
a) spiralled in
b) spiraling on
c) spiralled on
d) spirals in
e) No improvement is required

6) A few hotels and complexes in Gurugram have change the entrance to their establishments
following the Supreme Court order banning liquor vends.
a) has changed
b) has changing
c) had changing
d) have changed
e) No improvement is required

7) The Manipur government has decided to dispensing with services of retired employees who
have been engaged in almost all State government offices.
a) dispensed with
b) dispense in
c) dispense with
d) dispensing on
e) No improvement is required

8) A group of parents has ask authorities to act against those responsible for dumping garbage
along the banks of Mutha river.
a) has asked
b) have asked
c) had asking
d) Has been asked
e) No improvement is required

9) The Goa Health Services have intensify fever surveillance and other precautionary measures
in areas near North Goa’s border.
a) has intensifying
b) have intensified
c) is intensified
d) was intensified
e) No improvement is required

10) The police action against Mahija, mother of Jishnu Pranoy who was found hang in the Nehru
College of Engineering, Pambadi, in March, has prompted two major Opposition fronts in Kerala.
a) found hanging
b) found hanged
c) find hanging
d) finding hanging
e) No improvement is required

10 Important Question On Error Spotting of Preposition For SBI Clerical Canara bank PO Railway DMRC Exam 2018

SPOT THE ERROR OF BELOW QUESTIONS. MARK THE OPTION AS ANSWER Which needed to corrected and if there is no error mark as no error .

1.(a)We should always /(b) listen the advice of/ (c) our well wishers/ (d)no error.

2.(a)He closely resembles/(b) with his father/ (c) in facial features/ (d) no error.

3.(a)While taking examinations/(b) always write / (c)with the dark ink /(d) no error.

4.(a)The insurance company/ (b) has promised to compensate / (c) the damage to my house/(d) no error.

5.(a)You must revise/ (b) your answer sheet /(c) again /(d) no error.

6.(a)He suffered / (b) from heart attack /(c) last year / (d) no error.

7.(a)Everybody complains / (b) against callous treatment/ (c)of the police / (d)no error.

8.(a)She is very popular /(b) among her friends /(c) and relatives /(d) no error.

9.(a)The highway robbers /(b)robbed all their /(c) belongings/(d) no error.

10.(a)Would you please /(b) ring me up /(c) on next Monday?/(d) no error

10 Important Question On Errors of Adjective (Part-2) For SBI Clerical Canara bank PO Railway DMRC Exam 2018

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it.the error, if any, be in one part of the sentence . Mark the option as answer1,2,3. Mark4 as a option if no correction is to be needed.

1.There were no(1) / less than fifty persons(2)/in the dinning hall(3)/no error(4).

2.Few remarks that(1) / he made were offensive (2)/to my brother(3) / no error(4).

3.It is a worth seeing movie(1)/ and you must(2) /not miss it(3)/ no error(4).

4.Of all the students rita was less worried(1)/ when the date for the annual examination (2)/ was announced(3)/ no error(4).

5.Even the most perfect person(1)/ in the world is said to have erred(2)/ when there time to act(3) / no error(4).

6. I was surprised to see every(1) / student sitting quietly in the class , even though (2)_/ the teacher was not present(3)/ no error(4).

7. Whole india expressed anger(1) / over the hijacking of air india boeing jet(2) / by militant at Karachi (3)/no error(4).

8.I like him because(1) / he is the more interesting fellow(2) /because of his amiable nature(3)/ no error(4).

9.The meeting was postponed (1)/ because only the few(2) / persons were present there(3)./ no error(4).

10.In the opinion of (1)/ everyone she is wiser(2) / than beautiful(3) / no error(4).