Computer Network MCQ-3

1)What kind of scheme is the HTTP protocol? a)get/put b)store/forward c)queuing d)search/return e)request/response 2)Which of the following is used for integrity? a)DES b)Diffie-Hellman c)SED d)AES e)MD5 3)Which tool is used to test serial and parallel... Read more

Network Devices,Frame Relay and X.25

Hardware/Networking Devices: Networking hardware may also be known as network equipment computer networking devices. Network Interface Card (NIC): NIC provides a physical connection between the networking cable and the computer’s internal bus. NICs come in three... Read more

Introduction of Computer Networks

Data Communication:When we communicate,when we share information.It can be local or remote.Local communication occur face to face while remote communication take place over distance.Data communication are the exchange of data between two devices via the... Read more