Success Story–Prateek Sehitia,IBPS SO(IT) 2017


Name : Prateek Sehitia
Bank : Bank of india IT officer
Marks : 64.6 General

First of all I would like to thanks Study regular channel for immense support in form of youtube videos and 1000 mcq’s provided by you. I was mediocre in quant and reasoning, but your approach to which questions to solve first and which question to leave helped me in clearing sectional cutoff.

Secondly, coming to PK, you should be thorough with the concepts, Dont just blindly try to solve mcq’s without having knowledge of that topic. There are few good video channels NPTEL/ study regular which can help you in grasping concepts.

Coming to subjects :

1. Computer networks and security : 10-15 questions. Most important. Network security questions have got recent trend.

2. DBMS : 5-8 questions again important.

3. Software Engg : Must for SBI and 3-4 questns asked in IBPS as well. This is most tough subject for me, as all options appear similar

4. Data Structure and OS and cloud computing : Did not come across many questions but expect 6-7 questions from here as well.
Just get basics clear in this section. Do not go deep like dbms and CN.

5. Surprise section : java and unix were never asked before this ibps. This time 8-10 questions came. So there is always a surprise section. SBI had MIS as surprise section this time of 8-10 marks. It was oracle last year. So, above all and +1 surprise section. Be ready for it. Next time it may even come from big data or basics of hadoop.

Topics to leave : Digital circuits, satellite communication or topics related to microprocessor. Dont waste time for 1-2 questions.

If you have any doubts or need any further clarification for topic just ping me at facebook or gmail.

  • Sohom Adhikary

    I left a IT company because i want to prepare for IBPS SO IT or SBI SO IT. I have only 4 months experience.. does it make any bad effect during interview ?

    • Study Regular

      no problem at interview time and focus to score good marks in written exam

  • Mayank Madhur

    what was ur PK marks prateek in written exam??

  • Priyanka Jaiswal

    Prateek you didn’t mention your email id can you please provide it.