Interview Experience of Kuldeep Verma(Selected as IBPS IT Officer)


Interview Experience of Study Regular member who are selected as IBPS IT Officer and this interview experience will help you a lot for further interviews.

Howdy Folks,

This is Kuldeep Verma, selected in IBPS IT Officer VI in Reserve List.
Grad – MIT Indore, Information Technology, Batch 2011
Working in S**** Bank of India as an Assistant

Interview Venue: Central Bank of India Officers training Academy
Time: 1:00:00 IST
After writing the name, place, etc in the register at the gate, we all gathered in a hall for instructions regarding document arrangements. Then after, we were taken upstairs and segregated in batches of IT Officer and Agricultural Officers. The number of IT folks were obviously less and in that female peers were given priority for interview and document verification.
P.S. Don’t forget to bring your cell phones as there will be plenty of time to study (or say chatting and stuff)
After several hours worth of wait, I was called for Document verification which went fine.
P.P.S. Read the IBPS corrigendum carefully as they adhere to the instructions given in it.
After docs verification, we were made to sit near the interview rooms and then the wait continues.

Showtime – Panel I: Time 05:45:00 IST
There were 7 judges (panelists) judging your every move from entering to Good Evening to sitting posture to Hand gesture and other stuffs.
While waiting I read the hand gesture and hand position while sitting and I guess that was the best thing I did at that time; as it certainly helped as one of the guy leaned to see how I have placed my hands (Couldn’t place on table as there was a difference between the chair and table, and to put the hands on table I have to lean which could imply I am intimidating)
So 7 folks ready to shove their questions up and I was there with a smile (You need a smile, it calms your nerves)
Folk 1: (spoke in Hindi) Please temme about yourself fast (They were tired I guess as interviews were going on since 08:30:00 IST)
Me: (I prepared for this question like 300 times) (Technique use: First thank them for their time, Name, Place you belong, members in family, Graduation, Job, Hobby)
As soon as I told them about my job, Folk 1 interrupted me as if he has no interest in my hobbies; which were pretty good as it has the potential to change the whole direction of interview. (Your hobbies is the key)

Folk 1: (hindi again) Oh so you work in S**** Bank of India, then why the hell you want to come in IBPS.
Me: Sir, the work I am doing is not inclined to what I have studied. So this platform would be better for me to cherish my skills.
Folk 1: (intimidating in hindi) Are but you can become as SO by giving departmental exams in S**** Bank too naa, then why do you want to join other bank.
Me: Sir, the real issue is now matter how much I try, there is no provision that I can become SO in my bank through Dept. exams, as SO’s are appointed through out of dept. exams only.
Folk1: (he tried to tell for the next 5 minutes that I made a mistake coming here as in other banks a PO or clerk could become SO by departmental exams; but I was 1000% sure that that’s not possible atleast where I work, so I tried to convince him that No, no that’s not possible till now) – (Maybe that’s why I am in reserve list)
Folk 1: (He was the protagonist the whole time as he asked 80% of the questions) Accha, tell me how IT has helped the banks to grow, and without IT would be banks be able to grow to such extent?
Me: (Told them how IT has brought revolutions in bank – Ledger banking to CBS, Monitoring of would-be NPAs or Stressed Assets, and other shits)
Folks 2: (Finally, I came to know others still aren’t slept or high) So you work in S**** Bank of India. What’s the advance and Deposit of your branch?
Me: (Told some random shit)
Folk 2: What is NPA?
Me: Non performing Asset
(Meanwhile Folk 7 leaned towards me to see my hand position, to which I realize that while talking I should be using hand gestures to imply)
Folk 1: (He definitely had a Cappuccino) Tell me about your place?
Me: (Told)
Folk 1: What’s the distance between your place and a place he told me that was a World Heritage site nearby?
Me: 33kms (told without thinking for second) (Figure was wrong but that doesn’t matter)
Folk 3: What is lead bank?
Me: (Told some other sort of lead bank)
Folk 3: No, no, (then he explained the lead bank by giving a hint.)
Me: (Answered correctly then)
Folk 4: Asked some other random questions but not related to IT
Me: (Answered correctly)
Folk 5(lady): What are IT enabled services used by banks?
Me: Told
Then some random talks and Folk 1 told, thank you for your time

I stood up, greeted them and left the room

Time: 05:08:45 IST