Interview Experience of Akanksha Singh(Selected as SBI SO)


Interview Experience of Study Regular member who are selected as SBI SO and this interview experience will help you a lot for further interviews.

If you have work experience then they will ask most of the questions from that only. And if you answer well then you will qualify for sure.

-> what is your work in the company
-> I said, “deployment and development”
-> so then came questions from web services, what is a WS, how does it work
-> what is SOA, its benefits
-> difference b/w jboss and weblogic, which is better, why(I didn’t know so I told them directly)

Confidence is a must, I got a compliment for it at the end of the interview.Speak well structured statements whatever language you chose.

Rest knowledge based and other general questions:

-> areas you want to work in, in future(I said android dev and predictive analysis)
-> what is predictive analysis
-> how do you find which data is relevant to you(gave example of ranking algorithm, weighting and all)

Behavioural questions :

-> Why SBI, why leaving IT company(for those who don’t know SBI is not just a bank, it’s a multi-national company, stands proudly on 232th spot on Fortune 500, 4th in India, best in banking domain in India)
-> Will you be able to work on android apps development
-> If you are given a task to development a payment gateway, how many days you will take?(said directly, don’t have idea so it solely depends on understanding of functionality, requirements and availability of knowledge resources)

HR questions:

-> Open to moving to Mumbai??
-> (Last question)you r so young, why not higher studies(there were people with 3-4 yrs of experience too)

Heartiest Congratulation to Akanksha Singh From Study Regular.