International Organizations and Headquarters


 Geneva (Switzerland)

1)ILO(International Labour Organization)

2)WHO(World Health Organization)

3)WTO(World Trade Organization)

4)WMO(World Meterological Org.)

5)UNHCR(United Nation High Commission for Refugee)

6)UNCTAD(United Nation Conference On Trade & Development)

7)WIPO(World Intellectual Property Org.)

8)ISO(International Standard Organization)

9)ITU(International Telecommunication Unit)

10)Red Cross


1)World Bank

2)IMF(International Monetory Fund)


 New York(USA)

1)UNICEF(United Nation of Children Fund)

2)UNPFA(United Nation Population Fund)

3)UNDP(United Nation Development Program)

4)UNO(United Nation Organization)


1)Commonwealth Org.

2)Amnesty International

3)IMO(International Maritime Org.)


1)OPEC(Org. of Petroleum Exporting Countries)

2)IAEA(International Atomic Energy Agency)

3)UNIDO(United Nation Industrial Development Org.) 


1)OECD(Org. for Economic Cooperation & Development)

2)UNESCO(United Nation Education, Scientific & Cultural Org.)


1)NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Org

2)EU(European Union)



 1)ICC(International Cricket Council)

 2) International Renewable Energy Agency


ASEAN(Association of South East Asian Nation)——— Jakarta(Indonesia) 

SAARC(South Asian Association of Regional & Cooperation)—–Kathmandu(Nepal)

ADB(Asian Development Bank)———— Manilla Phillipines

APEC(Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)———–Singapore

FAO(Food & Agriculture Org.)————Rome(Italy)

SCO(Shanghai Cooperation Org.)————–Beijing(China)

UPU(Universal Postal Union)————-Bern(Switzerland)

ICAO(International Civil Aviation Org.)————-Montreal(Canada)

IOC(International Olympic Committee)———–Switzerland(Lussane) 

OPCW(Org. for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)———The Hague(Netherland)

FIFA(The Federation of International Football Association of India)——–Zurich(Switzerland)