Computer Networks MCQ-1


1)Common Gateway Interface(CGI) is which of the following?
a)An interface that accepts and returns a data that may be written in SQL
b)A small program that executes within other application and is stored on the server
c)A small program that executes within other application and is stored on the client.
d)A small program that executes within other application
e)An Interface that accepts and returns data that may be written in any language that produce executable file

2)……… a standard for security that is inclined at the network or packet processing layer of network communications, as opposed to the application layer
a)Passive FTP
e)None of these

3)In addition to an internet connection, which of the following is needed to ?
a)Telnet client
c)Mail Client
d)HP Client
e)Web Browser

4)Which amongst the following is not an advantage of distributed system?
b)Incremental Growth
c)Resource Sharing
d)Low Cost
e)None of these

5)Link Encryption
a)is more secure than end to end encryption
b)is less secure than end to end encryption
c)cannot be used in public network
d)is used only to debug
e)None of these

6)Which of the following OSI level is more closely related to the physical communications facilities?
d)Data link
e)None of these

7)Handshaking is 
a)Synchronous type
d)All of the above
e)None of these

8)Which of the following is a variation of Frequency Division Multiplexing(FDM)?
a)Time Division Multiplexing(TDM)
b)Pulse Code Multiplexing(PCM)
c)Wavelength Division Multiplexing
d)All of above
e)None of these

9)What is ISL used for?
a)To allow an Ethernet interface to understand frame tags
b)To make two Ethernet interfaces appear as one
c)To connect an Ethernet switch with a high-speed core switch such as ATM
d)To allow simultaneous routing and switching
e)None of these

10)Which uses a Pre Shared Key that is more than 7 and less than 64 characters in length?
d)All of the above
e)None of these


  • Helper Helper


    Answer to 7th question must be “b” not ” a “. Handshaking is used in asynchronous type

    • Study Regular

      The synchronous transfer can be implemented with a method called handshaking. This method is used to accompany each data item being transferred with a control signal that indicates the presence of data in the bus. The unit receiving the data item responds with another control signal to acknowledge receipt of the data.

      • Study Regular

        ans is right

        • Helper Helper

          Handshaking for asynchronous data transfer:

          The clock rates for sender and receiver may be quite different.

          The sender needs to know whether the receiver has received the information.

          Handshaking is a way to enable sender and receiver to coordinate data transfers.

          Sir, please go through this link…

          • Study Regular

            ans is right………i will provide a notes on handshaking that will clear your doubt

          • Helper Helper

            Ok sir…and I really appreciate your are doing a nice job.. there was no particular website for IT officer exam.. You initiated this.. It will help many students to excel in exam.. Thanks a lot sir..

          • Study Regular

            thanks to all for your support………

  • Tanya

    Sir, why the ans for Q2 is SSL??
    At network layer, IPSec protocol is used and SSL, TLS are used in transport layer.
    Please correct me, if I’m wrong..

    • Study Regular

      ans is IPSec….

    • Hari Teja

      question is inclined at network or packet processing,in network layer the data is in form of packets and the layer uses IPsec

  • megha SHARMA

    ans for 5 should be link encryption is more secure then end-end encryption ..please refer link :