Banking Awareness MCQ-9 For SBI PO 2017


1. Which of the following is known as plastic money?
(A) Demand Draft
(B) Credit card
(C) Debit card
(1) only A
(2) only B
(3) only C
(4)Both B and C
(5) All A,B and C

2. Which of the following terms is used in the field of finance and banking?
(1) Gauge Pressure
(2) Quantum number
(3) Adjustment Credit
(4) Absolute Zero
(5) Single bond

3. IFRS stands for
(1) International Financial Reporting Standards
(2) Indian Financial Rating Standards
(3) International Financial Rating Standards
(4) Indian Functional Reporting Standards
(5)None of these

4. Bridge loans refer to-
(1)Loans granted to construction companies for construction of bridges.
(2)Loan granted to PWD for construction of bridges over Rivers
(3)Interim finance allowed by banks to their customers pending disbursement of term loans by financial institutions
(4)Loan granted to Railway for construction of bridges
(5) None of these

5. In opinion of the RBI, which one of the following is/are a threat to the smooth functioning of indian companies?
(A)Rising input costs
(B)High interest rates
(C) Inflation only.
(1)only (A)
(2)only (B)
(3)only (A)&(B)
(4)only (C)
(5)All (A),(B)&(C)

6.Which of the following is Not a Negotiable instrument?
(1) Cheque
(2) Fixed Deposit Receipt
(3) Promissory Note
(4)Bill of Exchange
(5) All (1) to (4) above are negotiable instruments

7. What Is the maximum balance amount that is eligible for earning interest in a normal savings bank account?
(1) Rs 1 lac
(2) Rs 2 lacs
(3) Rs 3 lacs
(4) Rs 5 lacs
(5) No limit

8.Which of the following functions are Not being performed by the Reserve Bank of india?
(1)Regulation of Banks in india
(2) Regulation of Foreign Direct investment in india
(3)Foreign currency Management in india
(4) Control and Supervision of Money Supply
(5)Currency Management in India

9. A bank is called as ‘Scheduled Bank’ When
(1) Its business has crossed of 1000 core mark
(2) Its branch network is over 100
(3) It is included in the second schedule of the RBI Act
(4) When it complies with all the three above
(5) None of these

10.Upper limit prescribed for RTGS transaction is-
(1) Rs 1 lacs
(2) Rs 2 lacs
(3) Rs 5 lacs
(4) Rs 50 lacs
(5) No upper limit is prescribed