Banking Awareness MCQ-3

1)To solve the problems of Balance of Payments of member countries is function of:
a) World Bank
b) IMF
d) None of these

2)The instrument can not be presented for the payment in the Clearing House is:
a) Fixed Deposit Receipt
b) Dividends
c) Demand Drafts
d) None of these

3)TRIPS and TRIMS are associated with which of following organization:
a) WTO
b) IMF
c) IDA
d) None of these

4)”Overdrafts” covered under which of following function:
a) Accepting Deposits
b) Advancing of Loans
c) Both of Above
d) None of these

5)NDTL stands for:
a) Net Demand and Time Liabilities
b) Non Demat Terrific Liabilities
c) National Demand for True Liabilities
d) None of these

6)Which of the following bank is the first universal bank established in the country:
a) SBI
b) PNB
c) ICICI Bank Limited
d) None of these

7)When the computers are not functioning in a bank, it is called:
a) Auto Default
b) Computer Risk
c) Operational Risk
d) None of these

8)When RBI desires to restrict expansion of credit it raises the:
a) Bank Rate
b) SLR
c) Both SLR and Bank Rate
d) None of these

9)When a Bank returns a cheque unpaid, it is called:
a) Dishonor of the Cheque
b) Cheque Bounce
c) Both Dishonor and Bounce of the Cheque
d) None of these

10)Commercial Paper is a:
a) Unsecured Money Market Instrument
b) Secured Money Market Instrument
c) Both Secured and Unsecured Instrument
d) None of these