10 Previous Year MCQ of Computer Awareness For IBPS|SBI|Insurance Exam 2017


1. Which of the following is true about Assembly language?
(a) It is a Machine Language
(b) It is a High-level programming language
(c) It is a low-level programming language
(d) It is a language for assembling computers
(e) None of the above

2. Which among the following is the reboot where the power to the system is physically turned off and back on again, causing an initial boot of the machine?
(a) Toggle
(b) Cold booting
(c) Warm booting
(d) Logging off
(e) None of the above

3. Main memory works in conjunction with _________.
(a) special function cards
(b) RAM
(c) CPU
(d) Intel
(e) All of the above

4. Which of the following options is used to display information such as title, page number of the document?
(a) Insert Table
(b) Header and Footer
(c) Thesaurus
(d) Spelling and Grammar
(e) Auto correct

5. Functions of keys F1, F2 and F3 are _____________ respectively.
(a) activating menu bar, search and renaming selected icon
(b) search, reboot and activating menu bar
(c) activating help, renaming selected icon and search
(d) reboot, activating help and refresh
(e) activating help, reboot, renaming selected icon

6. What type of technology allows you to use your finger, eye, or voice print to secure your information resources?
(a) Haptics
(b) Caves
(c) Biometrics
(d) RFID
(e) All of the above

7. What does the SMTP in an SMTP server stand for?
(a) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
(b) Serve Message Text Process
(c) Short Messaging Text Process
(d) Short Messaging Transfer Protocol
(e) Simple Messaging Text Process

8. What is JDBC?
(a) Utility Software
(b) Application Software
(c) Application Programming Interface (API)
(d) Programming Language
(e) None of the above

9. Which of the following is any malicious computer program which is used to hack into a computer by misleading users of its true intent?
(a) Worm
(b) Spyware
(C) Trojan horse
(d) Keylogger
(e) VGA file

10. In E-R diagram, relationship is represented by _________.
(a) diamond shaped
(b) circular shaped
(c) ellipse shaped
(d) square shaped
(e) None of the above