10 MCQ of Paper-2(CS/IT) Part-3 For NIC|SSC Scientific Assistant|IBPS IT Officer Exam 2017


1)A virtual-memory block is known as page, and a virtual-memory miss is called a
a)Page miss
b)Hit miss
c)Page fault
d)Memory fault

2)_____ is the concept in which a process is copied into main memory from the secondary memory according to the requirement.
a) Paging
b) Demand paging
c) Segmentation
d) Swapping

3)If entry is 8 bytes long, each page table has 512 entries, and Opteron has 4 KB pages. Each of four level fields are 9 bits long, and page offset is 12 bits, then sign extended would be
a)16 bits
b)32 bits
c)64 bits
d)128 bits

4)The correspondence between the main memory blocks and those in the cache is given by _________.
a) Hash function
b) Mapping function
c) Locale function
d) Assign function

5)A process is thrashing if
a) it is spending more time paging than executing
b) it is spending less time paging than executing
c) page fault occurs
d) swapping can not take place

6)Main memory of a computer can act as a
a)Virtual memory
b)Main memory

7)Swap space exists in
a) primary memory
b) secondary memory
c) CPU
d) none of the mentioned

8)The effectiveness of the cache memory is based on the property of ________.
a) Locality of reference
b) Memory localisation
c) Memory size
d) None of the above

9)Page table level that says if page has been modified, is known as
c)Page size

10)When a program tries to access a page that is mapped in address space but not loaded in physical memory, then
a) segmentation fault occurs
b) fatal error occurs
c) page fault occurs
d) no error occurs



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