10 Important Reasoning MCQ On SYLLOGISM (PART 2) For SBI Clerk And Canara Bank PO Exam 2018


Directions: Study the following questions carefully and choose the right answer:
A. if only conclusion I follow
B. if only conclusion II follows
C. if either conclusion I or conclusion II follow
D. if neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows
E. if both conclusion I and conclusion II follow

1. Statements : All posters are snakes.
No snake is a ladder.
All ladders are boards.
Conclusions : I. All boards being snakes is a possibility.
II. No poster is a ladder.

2. Statements: Some roses are white.
No rose is a yellow.
All white are lilies.
Conclusions: I. Some white are not yellow.
II. All roses being lilies is a possibility.

3. Statements : All folders are books.
Some books are files.
Conclusions : I. All files being folders is a possibility.
II. All books being files is a possibility.

4. Statements : Some girls are young.
No young is a woman.
Conclusions: I. Some women are not girls.
II. All women being girls is a possibility.

5. Statements: Some pizzas are pasta.
All pastas are macaronis.
Some macaronis are pastries.
Conclusions : I. All pizzas being macaronis is a possibility.
II. All pastas are pizzas.

6. Statements : Some inks are staplers.
No stapler is a marker.
All markers are dusters.
Conclusions: I. Some dusters are not staplers.
II. All inks being markers is a possibility.

7. Statements: Some blue are trains.
No blue is a green.
All trains are engines.
Conclusions: I. Some trains are not green.
II. All blue being engines is a possibility.

8. Statements: All poles are towers.
No tower is a heater.
All heaters are fans.
Conclusions: I. All poles being fans is a possibility.
II. No fan is a poles.

9. Statements: Some biscuits are nuts.
All nuts are tea.
Some tea are coffee.
Conclusions: I. Some tea are biscuits.
II. All coffee being nuts is a possibility.

10. Statements: Some ponds are lakes.
All ponds are streams.
No stream is a well.
Conclusions: I. All streams can never be ponds.
II. All wells being ponds is a possibility.