10 Important Questions Of Subject-Verb Agreement (Part-2) For SBI Clerk Canara Bank PO Exam 2018


Questions on spotting error, from the below a,b,c,or d, one of the option is the answer which needed to be improved or corrected. So spot the error and mark that option as your answer.

1. a) There is/ (b) only one of his novels/ (c) that are interesting./ (d) No error

2. a) Knowledge of/ (b) at least two languages/ (c) is required to pass the examination./(d) No error

3. a) It is I/ (b) who is to blame/ (c) for this bad situation./ (d) No error

4. a) Romansticism of melancholy/ (b) in art and literature is the reason/ (c) for insensitivity to those suffering from depression./ (d) No error

5. a) Patience as well as perseverance (b) are necessary/ (c) for success./ (d) No error

6. a) In Singapore/ (b) my brother-in-law with his wife/ (c) were present at the function./(d) No error

7. a) A hot and/ (b) a cold spring/ (c) were found near each other./ (d) No error

8. a) Either of the road/ (b) leads/ (c) to the park/ (d) No error

9. a) One of my aspiration/ (b) is to become/ (c) a doctor./ (d) No error

10.a) The whole block of flats/ (b) including two shops were/ (c) destroyed in fire./ (d)No error