10 Important Questions Of Subject-Verb Agreement For SBI Clerk Canara Bank PO Exam 2018


Questions on Spotting Error, from the below a,b,c,or d, one of the option is the answer which needed to be improved or corrected. So spot the Error and mark that option as your answer.

1. (a) Neither of them/ (b) are going to attend/ (c) the party on 10th October./ (d) No Error

2. (a) He walked five miles which are really a great distance/ (b) for a man like him who is not only old but also ill./ (d) No error

3. (a) Either my colleague/ (b) or a peon are coming home/ (c) with the material today./(d) No error

4. (a) The rise and fall/ (b) of the tide are due/ (c) to lunar influence./ (d) No error

5. (a) Many a man/ (b) have succumbed/ (c) to this temptation./ (d) No error

6. (a) The introduction of tea, coffee/ (b) and such other beverages/ (c) have not been without some effect./ (d) No error

7. (a)The newer type of automatic machines/ (b) wash/ (c) clothes faster./ (d) No error

8. (a) Each of the students in the computer class/ (b) has to type/ (c) their own research paper this semester./ (d) No error

9. (a) Everyone of the films/ (b) you suggested/ (c) are not worth seeing./ (d) No error

10. (a) The Secretary and Principal of the college/ (b) are attending/ (c) the District Development Council
Meeting at the Collectorate./ (d) No error