10 Important Questions Of General Knowledge For Railway,DMRC Exam 2018


1.”Parallax of one arc second” is a unit of which of the following?

2.Niamey is the capital of which of the following African Countries?
(B)Burkina Faso
(E)None of them

3.A famous palaentological hoax related to the finding of the remains of a previously unknown early human known as Piltdown Man was found in which of the following countries?

4.”U Thant” who was a United Nations Secretary General was from which of the following Asian Countries ? (He was first Asian Secretary General of United Nations)

5.Edwin Howard Armstrong was an inventor of which of the following technologies?
(B)Compact Discs
(C)FM Radio

6.Which of the following audio / video formats was developed by Microsoft?

7.Which of the following unit of weight is equivalent to 6.35029 kilograms?
(A)Passeree (Bengal)
(B)Stone (Imperial)
(C)Candy (South India)
(D)Maund (Some parts of British India)
(E)None of them

8.Lacrimal apparatus, Lacrimal artery, Lacrimal bone, Lacrimal ducts, Lacrimal fossa, Lacrimal fluid & Lacrimal gland are parts of which organ of the body?
(E)Oral cavity

9.Which of the following is largest river system in the United States?

10.Which Jain Tirthankar is considered as female by Shwetambar sect of the Jainism?