10 Important Question On Errors of Adjective (Part-2) For SBI Clerical Canara bank PO Railway DMRC Exam 2018


Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it.the error, if any, be in one part of the sentence . Mark the option as answer1,2,3. Mark4 as a option if no correction is to be needed.

1.There were no(1) / less than fifty persons(2)/in the dinning hall(3)/no error(4).

2.Few remarks that(1) / he made were offensive (2)/to my brother(3) / no error(4).

3.It is a worth seeing movie(1)/ and you must(2) /not miss it(3)/ no error(4).

4.Of all the students rita was less worried(1)/ when the date for the annual examination (2)/ was announced(3)/ no error(4).

5.Even the most perfect person(1)/ in the world is said to have erred(2)/ when there time to act(3) / no error(4).

6. I was surprised to see every(1) / student sitting quietly in the class , even though (2)_/ the teacher was not present(3)/ no error(4).

7. Whole india expressed anger(1) / over the hijacking of air india boeing jet(2) / by militant at Karachi (3)/no error(4).

8.I like him because(1) / he is the more interesting fellow(2) /because of his amiable nature(3)/ no error(4).

9.The meeting was postponed (1)/ because only the few(2) / persons were present there(3)./ no error(4).

10.In the opinion of (1)/ everyone she is wiser(2) / than beautiful(3) / no error(4).