10 Important Question On Errors of Adjective (Part-1) For SBI Clerical Canara bank PO Railway DMRC Exam 2018


Questions on errors of adjective. Mark the option as answer which needed to be corrected and mark answer as (d) when no correction is required.

1) (a) No station on this sector of the railway / (b)is as modern and clean/ (c)as this station is/(d) no error

2) (a) After he had read two first chapters / (b)of the novel he felt like reading / (c)the novel at one sitting  /(d) no error.

3) (a) Enough is enough I cannot now/(b) tolerate this mischief /(c) anmy much/ (d)no error

4) (a) The girls sang few songs / (b)to entertain the guests /(c) but the guests were not pleased / (d)no error

5) (a) No book is as absorbing as /(b) the novel I am reading / (c)written by Premchand / (d)no error

6) (a) Of all the teachers in our school. / (b)our history teacher /(c) is the better / (d)no error

7) (a) I always prefer working in a /(b) release4d atmosphere than one / (c)full of tension and anxiety/ (d)no error

8) (a) Manjeet said that he preferred a white shirt / (b)than a coloured one / (c)on any festive occasion / (d)no error

9) (a) No variety of mango /(b) produced in our country /(c) is as tasty as this variety/ (d)no error

10) (a) Amrita was so overburden by office work / (b)that she felt tired / (c)at the end of the day / (d)no error