10 Important Question On ERROR SPOTTING ON NOUN (Part-3) For SBI Clerical Canara bank PO Railway DMRC Exam 2018


Questions on error spotting mark the option as answer which needed to be corrected and mark option as (d) if no error is present.

1.(a) When I arrived /(b) at the gate of his house , I found /(c) his locking up the door /(d) no error.

2. (a) Keeping in view the public’s demands ,/ (b) the company has declared to improve the quality and lower /(c) the prices of its products/(d) no error.

3.(a) These building’s decoration/(b) is not as much impressive as it /(c) . Ought to be /(d) no error.

4.(a) Keats’s poetry is characterized / (b) by his unique style which he developed/(c) during the long span of his life/ (d) no error.

5.(a) Brutus role in ‘ Julius Caesar ‘ is very attractive as /(b) well as important as far as /(c) the action of the play is concerned/ (d) no error.

6.(a) He did not know even / (b) the name of the scientist who discovered /(c) the laws of the earth gravitational force/ (d) no error.

7.(a) This blade’s edge is sharper than any / (b)other blade’s said /(c) the sales representative of the company/(d) no error.

8.(a) The president of India / (b)constitutional power is limitless /(c) but it is the P.M who is , indeed, powerful/ (d) no error.

9.(a) Many a man’s life is in danger / (b) if the government does not take / (c) any serious action to safeguard us./(d) no error.

10.(a) Nobody’s claim to be a permanent member / (b) of club is valid /(c) in the eyes of the committee/(d) no error.