10 Important Question On ERROR SPOTTING ON NOUN (Part-2) For SBI Clerical Canara bank PO Railway DMRC Exam 2018


Questions on error spotting of noun. From the below mark the option as a answer which is needed to be corrected and if you find no error mark as option (d).
1. (a)When I entered the bedroom / (b)I saw a snake crawling / (c)on the ground /(d)no error

2. (a)Aims/(b ) are given/ (c) to the poors/ (d) no error.

3. (a)Lasers are / (b)indispensable tools/ (c) for delicate eyes surgery/ (d)no error.

4. (a)If you have a way with words / (b) a good sense of design and administration ability/(c) you may enjoy working in high pressure world of advertising/(d) no error.

5. (a) Last week’s sharp hike in the wholesale price of beef / (b) is a strong indication for /(c) higher meat cost to come/(d) no error.

6. (a) whenever he goes to Mumbai/ (b) he stays in/ (c) five star hotels/(d) no error.

7. (a) The company has ordered/ (b) some/(c) new equipments/(d) no error.

8. A strong breeze/ blew his / cap off/ no error.

9. One of her firmest belief among Hindus is that / Karma affects their / life and also the life after death/ no error.

10. He was advised to take / two spoonful of / medicine times a day / no error.