10 Important Question On ERROR SPOTTING ON NOUN (Part-1) For SBI Clerical Canara bank PO Railway DMRC Exam 2018


Question on error spotting on Noun.  From the below options mark the answer where correction is needed  and  if no correction is needed mark the option (d) for no error.

1. (a)My sister/ (b) has read/ (c)pages after pages of the bible/ (d)no error

2. (a) I went to the temple/ (b)with my parents,  aunts/ (c)and cousin sisters/ (d)no error

3. (a)He / (b)takes pain/ (c) over his work / (d) no error

4. (a)The manager put forward/ (b)a number of criterions/ (c) for the post/ (d)no error

5. (a)I like / (b)the poetries/ (c)of Byron and shelly/ (d)no error

6. (a)The beautiful / (b)surrounding of the place/ (c) enchanted me/ (d) no error

7. (a)No porter being available / (b)he carried/ (c)all his luggages himself/ (d)no error

8. (a)The tables legs /(b) have been /(c) elaborately carved/(d) no eror

9. (a)The sceneries/ (b)of Kashmir/ (c)is very charming/ (d)no error

10. (a)The driver showed /(b)great talent in keeping/(c) the damaged car under control/(d) no error.