10 Important Question On Error Spotting of Preposition For SBI Clerical Canara bank PO Railway DMRC Exam 2018


SPOT THE ERROR OF BELOW QUESTIONS. MARK THE OPTION AS ANSWER Which needed to corrected and if there is no error mark as no error .

1.(a)We should always /(b) listen the advice of/ (c) our well wishers/ (d)no error.

2.(a)He closely resembles/(b) with his father/ (c) in facial features/ (d) no error.

3.(a)While taking examinations/(b) always write / (c)with the dark ink /(d) no error.

4.(a)The insurance company/ (b) has promised to compensate / (c) the damage to my house/(d) no error.

5.(a)You must revise/ (b) your answer sheet /(c) again /(d) no error.

6.(a)He suffered / (b) from heart attack /(c) last year / (d) no error.

7.(a)Everybody complains / (b) against callous treatment/ (c)of the police / (d)no error.

8.(a)She is very popular /(b) among her friends /(c) and relatives /(d) no error.

9.(a)The highway robbers /(b)robbed all their /(c) belongings/(d) no error.

10.(a)Would you please /(b) ring me up /(c) on next Monday?/(d) no error