10 Important Question For Miscellaneous Exercise on Error Spotting For SBI Clerical Canara bank PO Railway DMRC Exam 2018

1.(a) She does not hardly / (b) know what /(c) happened yesterday / (d) no error.

2.(a) She’ s all sweetness and lightness/ (b) provided you’re doing / (c) what she wants/ (d) no error.

3.(a) In Singapore / (b) my brother-in law with his wife / (c) were present at the function / (d) no error.

4.(a) Adults suffering chicken pox / (b) can develop / (c) all kinds of complications/ (d) no error.

5.(a) Beside food / (b) the pilgrimage carried/(c) some medicines/ (d) no error.

6.(a) Two hours have passed /(b) since /(c) he had fallen asleep / (d) no error.

7.(a) Either of the roads / (b) lead/ (c) to the park / (d) no error.

8.(a) Unless you do not give / (b) the keys of the safe /(c) you will be shot / (d) no error.

9.(a) I and my brother / (b) live with our parents /(c) and work in the farm /(d) no error.

10.(a) I wish / (b) he saw you/ (c) when you were in Nepal /(d) no error.