10 Important MCQ on PHRASE REPLACEMENT (Part-1) For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC Railway Exam 2018


(1-10)A sentence or a part of the sentence is underlined. Four alternatives are given as
substitutions for the highlighted part, one of which will improve the sentence. Choose the correct
alternative. In case no improvement is needed, choose the option ‘No improvement is required’
1) Over 200 shops were gutted in a major fire that broke out at Golebazar in Sambalpur in the
early hours of Tuesday.
a) Broke in
b) Broke with
c) Broke around
d) Broke on
e) No improvement is required

2) Pushed away from the National Highways follow the Supreme Court order, retail liquor
outlets are moving closer to the villages in Odisha.
a) Following
b) Follows
c) Followed
d) Had followed
e) No improvement is required

3) The Rajasthan government passed order recently to convert a portion of their State Highway
roads passing through populous areas into urban and district roads.
a) passed a
b) passed an
c) pass the
d) pass an
e) No improvement is required

4) Care has been take to ensure maximum boot space by ditching the traditional gooseneck
hinges for boot opening and opting for a costlier multi-hinge and damper arrangement.
a) has been taking
b) has taken
c) Has took
d) has been taken
e) No improvement is required

5) The row between India and China on the visit of the Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh spiral
on Wednesday.
a) spiralled in
b) spiraling on
c) spiralled on
d) spirals in
e) No improvement is required

6) A few hotels and complexes in Gurugram have change the entrance to their establishments
following the Supreme Court order banning liquor vends.
a) has changed
b) has changing
c) had changing
d) have changed
e) No improvement is required

7) The Manipur government has decided to dispensing with services of retired employees who
have been engaged in almost all State government offices.
a) dispensed with
b) dispense in
c) dispense with
d) dispensing on
e) No improvement is required

8) A group of parents has ask authorities to act against those responsible for dumping garbage
along the banks of Mutha river.
a) has asked
b) have asked
c) had asking
d) Has been asked
e) No improvement is required

9) The Goa Health Services have intensify fever surveillance and other precautionary measures
in areas near North Goa’s border.
a) has intensifying
b) have intensified
c) is intensified
d) was intensified
e) No improvement is required

10) The police action against Mahija, mother of Jishnu Pranoy who was found hang in the Nehru
College of Engineering, Pambadi, in March, has prompted two major Opposition fronts in Kerala.
a) found hanging
b) found hanged
c) find hanging
d) finding hanging
e) No improvement is required