10 Important MCQ Of Quantitative Aptitude For SBI Clerical Canara Bank PO DMRC Railway Exam 2018


Q1. A sum of amount at r% compound interest doubles in 3 years. In 9 years it will be k times of the original principal. What is the value of k?
(a) 10
(b) 9
(c) 6
(d) 8
(e) 12

Q2. If the rate of interest is 10% p.a. and Rs. 12000 lent at the compound interest, half yearly for one year. What is the equivalent simple rate of interest for first year ( if S.I. is equal to C.I.)?
(a) 10.25%
(b) 9.24%
(c) 6.26%
(d) 8.42%
(e) 12.25%

Q3. The ratio of ages of A and B is 8 : 9 and the age of B is two-thirds of C’s age and age of C is nine-thirteenths times the age of D. If the age of B is 18 years, then the age of C is:
(a) 36 years
(b) 39 years
(c) 27 years
(d) 54 years
(e) 62 years

Q4. If Dennis is one-third the age of his father Keith now, and was one-fourth the age of his father 5 years ago, then how old will his father Keith be 5 years from now?
(a) 2 years
(b) 45 years
(c) 40 years
(d) 50 years
(e) 48 years

Q5. The ratio of two numbers is 3/2: 8/3. If each of the number is increased by 15 the ratio becomes 5/3: 5/2. the bigger number is
(a) 27
(b) 36
(c) 48
(d) 64
(e) 44

Q6. The length of a rectangle is three fifth of the side of a square. The radius of a circle is equal to side of the square. The circumference of the circle is 132 cm. What is the area of the rectangle if the breadth of the rectangle is 8 cm?
(a) 112.4 sq. cm
(b) 104.2 sq. cm
(c) 100.8 sq. cm
(d) Cannot be determined
(e) None of these

Q7. An urn contains 3 red and 4 green marbles. If three marbles are picked at random, what is the probability that two are green and one is red?
(a) 3/7
(b) 18/35
(c) 5/14
(d) 4/21
(e) 7/11

Q8. In how many ways can the letters of the word ‘SACRED’ be arranged so that vowels come together?
(a) 240
(b) 120
(c) 320
(d) 720
(e) 5040

Q9. Three vessels contain equal mixtures of milk and water in the ratio 6 : 1, 5 : 2 and 3 : 1 respectively. If all the solutions are mixed together, the ratio of milk to water in the final mixture will be
(a) 64 : 65
(b) 65 : 19
(c) 19 : 65
(d) 64 : 19
(e) 39 : 17

Q10. The respective ratio between present age of Manoj and Wasim is 3 : 11. Wasim is 12 years younger than Rehana. Rehana’s age after 7 years will be 85 years. What is the present age of Manoj’s father who is 25 years older than Manoj?
(a) 43 years
(b) 67 years
(c) 45 years
(d) 69 years
(e) 71 years